Assumption of Mary on August 15, 2021

Assumption of Mary or Feast of the Assumption of Mary is one of the most famous and important days in Europe. Many people even consider it to be the “Easter of the summer”. For countries like Spain or Italy, the Assumption of Mary is even more important as the summer holidays begin on this day. 

This year, the feast of the Assumption of Mary is going to be held on August 15 in the UK. Even though this festival particularly pertains to Catholic Christians, European people of all religions participate in it due to its cultural implications. 

Most UK citizens go for their annual summer vacation during this day. In contrast, others explore different parts of their cities by visiting Orthodox churches. 

The history behind this day is quite controversial. There are two different parts to this feast. The first part pertains to the death or departure of Mary from this world and the second part pertains to the arrival of Mary into heaven. 

But different churches have different opinions about this day. Some believe Mary went into heaven by her own will due to her purity, while others believe God took Mary into heaven. Some European countries celebrate the Assumption of Mary day as Mary’s ‘heavenly birthday,’ but others also celebrate it as the union between Mary and Jesus. 

People who are devoted Catholics celebrate this day by visiting churches, participating in masses, and attending different sermons. In the case anyone is a practicing catholic, they are obligated to celebrate this day traditionally. 

In the UK too, there are all types of people. Some chose to treat this day as the commencement of their vacation, while other devout Catholics treat this day traditionally. 

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