Bastille Day with Cambridge Taxi Company

The professional providers at Cambridge taxi company can help you enjoy Bastille Day celebrations without any restrictions in the city.

Bastille Day is celebrated in memory of the July 14, 1789 fall of the Bastille. It was originally designed as a medieval fortress, however, Bastille was later declared a state prison. Several political prisoners were kept at this prison for years along with citizens detained for trial by authorities. Many prisoners were even held with the direct order of the royal King to which no one could make an appeal. 

During the 18th century, the demolition of the Bastille was scheduled while it was symbolizing the harsh rule proposed by the Bourbon monarchy. On July 14, 1789, mobs targeted Bastille with a demand for arms and during this attack, they even released seven prisoners. This event indicated the start of the French Revolution. Even today, people love to celebrate Bastille Day on the 14th of July every year to display French culture including dancing, singing, as well as drumming performances. If you are also interested to take part in these celebrations, it is good to make some reliable transportation arrangements in advance. You may not be interested to drive on your own on the busy roads of the city. In this scenario, it is good to hire Cambridge Taxi Company for a convenient travel experience. 

Hiring a personal taxi service for the Bastille Day celebration

If you are planning to attend various events and celebrations on Bastille Day at Cambridge, it is good to hire a luxury car for comfortable movement. The trained chauffeurs at Cambridge taxis can help you sit back and enjoy the ride with ease. These private cars are a dependable and reliable choice for all weather conditions. 

Even if you are traveling to Cambridge from some other city to be a part of the celebration, you can book airport transfers to reach your destination on time. The experienced chauffeurs can pick you up from the airport at the dedicated flight landing time and take you to the hotel comfortably. There is no need to stand for hours outside the airport to wait for public transport or train. The luxury cars from airport taxi transfers can help you save much of your time and money. 

Ensure convenient movement on busy roads

Whether you are interested to travel alone or with your friends, it is possible to book comfortable taxis as per the number of people that want to travel. These dependable service providers can help you book rides online using the website or mobile app. Moreover, the chauffeurs have years of experience to drive across the city. They are even aware of the shortest routes and peak traffic hours so that you can avoid any trouble on the road while reaching your destination on time. 

These private cabs are maintained well by experts from Cambridge Taxi Company. You can plan your movements with the freedom to celebrate Bastille Day in the city. Even if you want to visit multiple places, these experts can offer you safe and affordable rides. They are professional and friendly. By booking these taxis, you can ensure a positive experience for your family and friends. 

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