Cambridge Science Festival

The Cambridge Science Festival, an annual event hosted by the Cambridge University, is hailed as one of the largest and most happening fests of the country. This year, the festival is scheduled to be held from March 9th to 22nd. And expects to attract a humungous crowd of bright minds who will come together and discuss ideas to make this world a more suitable place to live in.

From celebrating the unparalleled contribution of women in the realms of science as a commemoration of the International Women’s day. To separating the facts of science from fiction and everything that falls between the ends of this spectrum will be addressed in this festival.

The primary objective of the science festival is to diligently analyze the past and accordingly, suggest a vision for the future. Evidently, in 2020 too, it is looking forward to accommodating some of the world’s most esteemed scientists and the geniuses of the future to trace how science is readily bringing about an alteration in our ways of life for the better.

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