Halloween on October 31, 2021

Like every year, this year, too, Halloween will be held on October 31. This world-famous holiday is celebrated elaborately in the UK. Even though Halloween is not a public bank holiday in the UK, people celebrate this day like most Western countries across the globe. 

Although many of us love celebrating Halloween, not all of us know the significance of the day. The history of Halloween began during pagan times in the UK. At the time, people believed that dressing up in costumes and the spirits of the dead will not haunt them. They thought the end of October was the time when all the souls of the dead people came out on the streets. 

The background behind wearing costumes on Halloween goes back to the beliefs of the Pagans. Throughout the UK, people have a great time on this day. Most of them wear costumes and attend parties. All of these parties have a haunted theme. Many people love participating in exciting Halloween games like Bob Apple Night, Thump-the-door and others. 

Many people in the UK decorate their houses with pumpkin-carved lanterns; and distributing chocolates and other sugary treats to neighbourhood kids. Then, throughout the week before Halloween, people start decorating their homes and stores for the festival. 

Even though all the schools, officcces and businesses are opened on this day, people attend those places by wearing fun costumes. The popularity of Halloween increased even more due to the United States. In addition, several different traditions were added to the UK households due to the popularity of US movies. 

Apart from everything mentioned above, many people from the UK celebrate the day by going to different festivals and music concerts. 

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