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Holt, the civil parish market town of Norfolk, UK is one of the prime attractions of the English county. Besides being known for housing innumerable independent shops, Holt is popular because of its rich history. The paraphernalia of chronicles that are safely wrapped around the corners of its streets even today. If you have ever heard of the great survey of 1086 which is popular as the Domesday Book and its content you should know that Holt finds its mention there. 

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Holt’s History

For the uninitiated, the town of Holt was left devastated by a catastrophic fire which wrecked the medieval town only within a span of three hours. The fire that started at Shirehall Plain soon spread across all the timber houses of the town and the church located in its vicinity.

The damage amount was estimated to be around 11,000 pounds which are a huge sum considering the calamity took place in 1708. The task of reconstruction was initiated after the town received donations from several parts of the country. And today, 3000 years later, it has revived itself and stands tall in all its glory.

The rebuilding of the town put forward Holt in the limelight. Because of its countless Georgian buildings which were principally the architectural style of those days. Another notable incident that played a vital role in shaping the history of Holt was the mid-air collision between two Royal Airforce aircraft on 19th August 1968 night.

Discover Holt via Cambridge taxis

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