Feast of St Francis of Assisi on October 4, 2021

Feast of St Francis of Assisi or Feast of St Francis is an actual Catholic event in the world that most UK churches celebrate on October 4 every year. This year also, this day will be marked by every Catholic Church in the UK on October 4. 

The Feast of St Francis of Assisi was started in 1226 when one of the most important Catholic Church’s Franciscan, St Francis, died on October 4. When he was alive, he was beloved by everyone in his area due to his tremendous generosity and forgiving nature. Two years after his death, he was pronounced a saint by Pope Gregory IX. 

Most people remember his love for nature and pets. That is why many people bring their pets to the church services on the Feast of St Francis of Assisi day in the US. Even though St Francis was not from the UK and died in Italy’s Portincula region, people across Europe celebrate this day to commemorate his death. 

People across Europe celebrate this day by taking their pets to get blessed in Churches throughout the country. Most people from the UK follow this tradition to this day. Throughout the day, different British radio stations keep on broadcasting classical music to pay tribute to the Feast of St Francis Assisi day. 

Some interested devotees even go to Assisi in Italy. After his death, Pope Gregory founded the Basilica of St Francis over there. On this day, that church gets decorated beautifully. Throughout the day, different religious customs are held. Devout Catholics visit there to take part in the church’s services. 

Even people who are not that religious visit Assisi to marvel at the beauty of the Basilica. The Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi is listed under UNESCO World Heritage site for its beauty. 

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