Gorleston on Sea Beach

A port town in Norfolk, situated towards the south of Great Yarmouth, Gorleston on Sea was once upon a time regarded as the center of fishing, particularly for herring and was dedicated to the production of salt which, in turn, is used for the preservation of the fish.

However, as years passed, the chief occupation of the natives changed and the stocks of the fishing industry hit the rock-bottom which led to the town transforming itself to a seaside resort.

You will be intrigued to know that Gorleston was not always a part of Norfolk; earlier it belonged to the county of Suffolk. After going through a lot of changes, it finally merged with the town and claimed itself as a part of Great Yarmouth. The tourist destination that it is in the present day flaunts the sandy “Edwardian Beach” as its chief attraction and houses several seaside gardens and a model boat pond.

Apart from this, the seaside resort is also home to a theater located just opposite the pier and is called the Pavilion. Naturally, you will get to know more about Gorleston on Sea once you visit the place and explore all of its intricate notches that are not only drenched in charming tales from the past but, also a relief to the sore eyes. People who have visited Gorleston previously, have time and again turned to Cambridge airport transfers to go out and about the town.

The primary shopping center of Gorleston is on High Street which also has its own golf club to increase the excitement of the visitors by two-fold. Once you have reconnoitered the area in your Norfolk UK taxi, you can request your chauffeur to take you to the lighthouse, lifeboat station, and Coastwatch station on the Riverside road to draw an end to the journey with a happy and gratified heart.

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Gorleston on sea is not only admired by visitors from every corner of the world but, has also deservingly found mention in novels including ‘The History of Us’ and ‘What Remains’ by Philip Leslie and ‘Gorleston’ by Henry Sutton. In these books, you will find the actual names of the retail shops and roads delineated by both the authors thereby, granting you a better insight into the real soul of the town.

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