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Heathrow Airport transfers

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Cambridge taxi to Heathrow Airport

More than 80 airlines fly from Heathrow Airport, and they connect passengers to 180 different locations throughout the world. This airport has four terminals along with two runways that stay overly crowded all day and night. Heathrow Airport serves around 72 million passengers per year with more than 1.4 million tonnes of cargo.

A general study reveals that Heathrow sells around 26000 cups of tea per year along with 35000 cups of coffee… And more than 1050 bottles of champagne. With these stats, Heathrow Airport is considered as the third busiest airport in the whole world after the Atlanta and Beijing.

Around 1400 flights land and take off from Heathrow Airport every day and probably half a million per year. Most of the exports to the big nations including India, China, Russia, and Brazil go through this airport. In order to maintain high security in this area, the service providers have installed more than 6500 CCTV cameras in this airport.

And it moves approximately 200,000 bags per day through the security lines. Heathrow Airport has 5 terminals that are loaded with all essential facilities including restaurants, bars, shops, telephones, and relaxing corners. Families traveling with kids can find several options to keep their kids busy in entertainment zones while complete the flight formalities.

Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport is known as largest free-standing construction in the UK. That is 131ft high, 574ft wide and 1312ft long. You will be surprised to know that the roof area alone is as big as the size of five different football pitches. The overall size of Heathrow Airport is 4.6 square miles. Where you can find more than 340 retail outlets that cover around 560000 square ft area of the airport.

Moving to Cambridge from Heathrow Airport

If you are planning to move from Heathrow Airport transfers to Cambridge, one option is to take tube up to King Cross and then access train to reach Cambridge. If you don’t want that hassle, it is also possible to take National Express from Heathrow Airport to Cambridge.

Direct trains are also accessible from Heathrow Airport to Cambridge, and they usually leave after each one hour. Some of you may find Cambridge executive airport transfer services easier to reach your destination as the taxi service providers know best possible paths between both destinations and can save your time and money as well.

You can make bookings for personal travel needs in advance to ensure a trouble-free experience. Transfers 4U can make your Heathrow airport to Cambridge transfers stress free>