September Equinox on September 22, 2021

Autumnal Equinox, commonly known as September Equinox, is when the summer ends in the Northern Hemisphere. For different countries in the Northern Hemisphere, this day is other. In the UK, this day will be celebrated on September 22 this year. 

Even though Autumnal Equinox in the UK is not a holiday, people celebrate it in one way or another. With the arrival of the full moon or harvest moon, this day becomes an important day for farmers in the UK. Even now, people visit Mabon to celebrate the Harvest Moon. 

Many people in the UK celebrate September Equinox by gathering at Stonehenge. People usually visit there to see the sunrise at Stonehenge. Even though September Equinox will be taking place on September 22 this year, many people will celebrate it by having the feast of Michael on September 29. 

Many astrological beliefs are associated with this day. Some believers even visit Wiltshire in Britain to celebrate autumnal Equinox by drinking burdock and dandelion cordials. Even though pagan churches are almost non-existent in modern England, these churches were instrumental in celebrating Autumnal Equinox majorly in earlier times. 

Apart from all the facts mentioned above, September Equinox also marks the beginning of Aurorae Borealis in different European countries. Many people from the UK flee to Iceland, Finland, Sweden or, Norway to view the beauty of the Northern Lights on this day. 

Many British people even make this day the start of their winter vacation. Even though this day has some crucial effects on everyone’s day, no popular celebrations are organized throughout England. Moreover, as this day is not marked as a holiday, not many people can participate in all the events mentioned before in this article. 

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