Spend summer 2020 in the UK

Considering the toll that the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has taken all over the world, it wouldn’t be completely wrong on our part to affirm that if, as responsible citizens, we do not take things in our hand while there’s still time, the global economy will fall on its face.

Now that the government has strictly advised you stay quarantined and curtail the further spread of the virus, it would be rather advisable to be in your country that is the UK, for a few more months until things get back to normal and do your part to uplift the nation’s economy.

In tough times like these, bear in mind that we are all in this together and put in our efforts to pull back the chief domains of the society from the darkness that befell it due to COVID-19 and pave happier days.

Instead of visiting some other country this summer, we would recommend you to stay in the UK. Explore its bounties thereby, accomplishing two purposes. A) You will get acquainted with the wilderness of its realms like never before. And B) boost its financial stability by backing up the local businesses. If you are running out of ideas about where to go and what to discover, then here are some ideas.


There’s something immensely captivating about the coast of Northumberland. They are something that you find in romantic movies where every bit of the setting is drenched in simplicity and tranquility. Head out to the woodland trails for a bike ride or just a walk in the evening. And witness the picturesque beauty come alive in front of your eyes.

If you want to get past the hassle and absorb the breathtaking countryside to its fullest then we would advise you to resort to the services of executive travel. You will not only have experienced chauffeurs and Cambridge luxury cars like the latest models of Mercedes at your disposal but, also experience the most comfortable ride.

Isle of Wight

Apart from being one of the best areas that you can consider for sight-seeing, the Isle of Wight undoubtedly serves the best food in the world. Once you reach the place in your Cambridge airport taxi, you can take a ferry and take a tour of the nearby beaches to uncover nature in its best form.

The Needles Rocks and the Lighthouse, in particular, are the most famous attractions and justifiably so. Go out to the beach to catch the rocks in all their magnificence and indulge in a string of fun activities including glass bowling demonstration and the like. If you find it a little baffling, you can ask your assigned chauffeur of Cambridge airport transfers to help you out initially.

North Norfolk

North Norfolk is another gem of the UK which is not much talked about but, retains its glory like no other. If you are looking forward to spending a traditional and family seaside holiday, then this would be the wisest recourse. The humungous beach with innumerable fun activities for the kids offers just the right amount of serendipity that you would usually anticipate from the summers.

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Moreover, if you want to do something that doesn’t involve the beach, you can visit the Bewilderwood adventure park. There are comprising of marsh walks and treehouses and a dinosaur trail that the children would love. You can communicate all your plans for the airport taxi transfers provider to enjoy a convenient and relaxing ride to North Norfolk.

Other than the aforementioned destinations you can also give Yorkshire, Scottish Highlands Aviemore, Dorset and Cornwall. Rely on airport transfers Cambridge to comply with all your requirements to relish the summer in the UK.

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