Summer Bank Holiday on August 30, 2021

The phrase ‘Summer Bank Holiday’ might not mean much to many people worldwide, but for the people living in Wales, Northern Ireland, and England, it means a lot. Summer Bank Holiday is held on different days in different countries. This year, this holiday is held on August 30, 2021, in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, this public holiday is held on the first Monday of August. 

This day has been celebrated in the UK since 1965 to commemorate the last day of summer. As every bank, business, school, and office is closed on this day, and people spend the entire day enjoying themselves. When the holiday was first commenced, mostly immigrants participated in the carnival. People from Trinidad, the Caribbean, and others organized a massive carnival to protest against racism and abhorrent housing condition in the US.

But now everyone in the UK participates in the carnivals. One of the major Summer Bank Holiday carnivals is held in the Notting Hill of London. Even a few years back, this carnival was the main source of disruption for the country, but now things have calmed down. People across Europe love this day and prefer spending it with their friends and families. With good food, great music, and other customs, Summer Bank Holiday is close to their hearts. 

This year, Summer Bank Holiday will be celebrated normally in the UK. After the horribleness of the past year, every UK citizen is ready to enjoy themselves. 

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