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The history of Fitzwilliam museum belongs to 1816 when it was first established by the 7th Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion. The ultimate tradition of philanthropy supported this museum to lead the inspiration, beauty, and place of knowledge ever since. This place is widely recognized for conservation, education, research, exhibitions, acquisitions, and collections that are made by several people through their acts of generosity. 

If you are looking forward to exploring the historical architecture at Cambridge, it is good to plan a tour of the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge. You will be happy to hear that one can enter this museum for free and this tourist site caters to more than 400,000 visitors every year while serving 430,000 users on the website. As this museum serves charity, they rely on donors and supporters to lead the activities for good cause. The main goal of the management here is to contribute to society with the pursuit of top-level learning, education, and research. 

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