The Safety Procedures We Take to Ensure Our Cars are Disinfected

The coronavirus outbreak, over the past few months, has become a serious concern for the global population. The professionals at World Health Organization have already announced it as a pandemic. Medical health professionals around the world are making efforts to find a reliable treatment for this disease. In the meanwhile, people are advised to follow social distancing measures to avoid the spread of this virus in the communities.

Most of the countries around the world have announced infinite lockdown. An extensive range of businesses is following work from home routines to handle routine operations. However, many others have made special safety arrangements for their employees within work premises. In this scenario, one of the biggest challenges for the office employees and common people is to ensure a safe travel experience to handle routine tasks.

Why choose our taxi service to move around during pandemic?

It is fearful to travel in the highly populated public transport solutions. Therefore, finding sanitized and safe travel options is a must. Well, one of the best recommendations from experts is to use Airport taxi Cambridge services.

No matter whether you need to ensure safe movement between home and office or are looking for a clean vehicle to move around the city; our teams at Airport Transfers from Cambridge to London Heathrow can serve your needs better.

We believe in offering reliable and trustworthy services to the communities. Therefore, we prefer regular cleaning and sanitization of our vehicles from time to time. Here we have listed few safety procedures that we follow to ensure the complete safety of passengers during these trying times of pandemic coronavirus:

Exercise personal hygiene

The first most thing we do is we prefer to follow essential personal hygiene at all levels. Transfers 4U chauffeurs wash their hands before touching the steering of the vehicle to begin the trip. Our teams also remember to do so when they complete a trip. This is the most essential step to avoid the spread of the virus.

Other than this, the chauffeurs follow all preventive measures to avoid contraction of the virus. They use tissue papers to avoid the spread of droplets while sneezing and coughing. The timely health scanning also helps to identify disease symptoms ahead of time.

Thoroughly cleanse vehicles

Respiratory droplets from infected people can contaminate surfaces with ease while increasing the chances of virus spread. Therefore, our chauffeurs follow proper cleaning and sanitization of the car cabin before and after every airport transfers.

We follow trusted products for deep cleaning the entire vehicle. At the same time, we take care of the grime and dust removal from time to time. You can ensure complete safety and cleanliness while traveling with our vehicles.

We understand that it is difficult to deal with the virus at this point. Therefore, we prefer to follow all preventions to ensure the full safety of passengers.

If you are interested to book a Transfer from London Stansted to Cambridge, just go online and make a prior booking from our website. Our chauffeurs are ready to serve you for all your rides. 

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